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September 28, 1999

Title : 'Kim is still a child' (unverified, all text and quotes loosely translated)

Father Leo 'Lei' Clijsters always stayed calm about the growing hysteria around his daughter(s) - Also the younger Elke plays tennis at a high level. He doesn't change this attitude after Kims' latest success. The former football player sees in Kim especially a child and wishes to keep it that way. He doesn't like managers and media. It's fun for Kim and for the rest of the family, but it isn't that big. Yes, I enjoy it but don't expect comment of me. I don't like people who say things that are beyond them. By the way, for Kim tennis is still a hobby. If she wishes to do something else tomorrow, that's no problem.'

'Kim is not depending on some kind of manager. She has no contracts and practices her sport offer without engagement. But the outside world makes it all serious. The world has high expectations, talks about her next prestations. Bull *****,she's only 16.'

'It's important that children grow as children ,and Kim is still a child. She's very open and sportive ,let her play with the dogs if she likes."

'I don't like it when Kim watches T.V.-programs full of emotions."

And what about the money?

'The money gives her the opportunity to practice her hobby at a higher level. And you shouldn't exaggerate: 40% goes to the taxes ,7% to the WTA. And don't forget the wages of the coach ,the flying tickets and the hotels. The people don't have a clue, but a good footballer earns more.'

'And again ,making money is not necessary. My daughters have to develop themselves as they like. Sometimes Elke drops a training when she has to work for school. I think that's great. Children are not here to make the wishes of the parents come through. I know 7-year-olds and they get 10 hours of private training a week and get creatine. Nobody knows how that stuff works and everybody knows it can demage your kidneys. It's just criminal.'

'I don't like tennis. Sometimes I go to see a match of Kim because all her matches, whether she wins or loses, always end before the hour. I barely hold it out for one hour.'

Kims' reaction on her father.

'What he says is fine. I think it's good my father filters everything for me. That way I only have to concentrate on tennis. That's already hard enough.'